Blu Ray Review: Man of Steel 4 Disc Edition


Man of Steel was an absolute triumph when it returned Superman to the big screen in 2013. You can read my review of the movie itself here

It has become an unfortunate practice over the years for film studios to curtail the amount of bonus content that comes with the home release of a movie depending on which part of the world it is released in. So if you want the best possible version of Man of Steel and live outside the United States you will need to take to the internet and import the American release.

Four discs are included with this release. The first three discs are all Blu-Ray’s which are all region free so you can import without having to worry about playback issues. Disc One has the movie in 3D, Disc Two the movie in 2D but it is Disc Three (not included in the UK release) where the majority of the bonus content can be found.

Journey of Discovery: Creating Man of Steel Disc 3, HD 174 Minutes: The movie plays and is accompanied by picture in picture interviews with the cast and crew including director Zack Snyder and leading man Henry Cavill. This also includes pre-visualisation animatics (a rough mock up of shots to help the director plot shots) and comparison shots to how they look in the final movie. It’s a highly entertaining experience and makes a change from the usual talking head style interviews that tend to punctuate special features.

All Out Action Disc 2, HD 26 Minutes: One thing Man of Steel could never be accused of was being light on action, from the opening battle on Krypton, the showdown in Smallville to the final battle in Metropolis this film was not afraid to show battles on a huge scale and the devastating affect they have on their surroundings. This feature shows how the actors and crew achieved these remarkable scenes.

Strong Characters, Legendary Roles Disc 2, HD 26 Minutes: Snyder along with cast and crew talk about their version of Superman. How he differs from past versions and what parts they took as inspiration.

Krypton Decoded Disc 2, HD 7 Minutes: Actor Dylan Sprayberry (who plays young Clark Kent) takes a look at Krypton the home planet of Superman.

Planet Krypton Disc 3, HD 17 Minutes: A mockumentary (film or television show in which fictional events are presented in documentary style) which again focuses on the birth place of our hero.

75th Anniversary Short Disc 2, HD 2 Minutes: The cherry on the top of all the special features. A charmingly animated short which takes the viewer through many of the different looks that Superman has had in his long history.

DISC 4, DVD of the movie.

As you can see the superior American release of Man of Steel definitely deserves a place in your collection as it reveals the level of care and passion which helped to make it one of the greatest superhero movies ever made.

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