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Boom Studios ongoing Power Rangers comic continues but after the huge amounts of critical acclaim heaped on issue 0 can the high standards be maintained?

The story picks up where issue 0 left off, Tommy is still new to the team and in a clever framing device Bulk & Skull who have their own youtube show called Ranger Nation ask members of the public if the Green Ranger who has suddenly switched sides can truly be trusted. In lots of little ways Tommy is struggling to fit in, he is left alone at school during his lunch period and after failing at a training mission with Kim he insists on further training by himself. Even though the training mission is very much like the Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek in that it presents a no win scenario the Green Ranger just can’t let it lie. Kim is eager to get to know Tommy beyond their time together at school or as Power Rangers but he doesn’t seem to notice her advances.

The plot also thickens with the mysterious crystal that Rita took possession of which is being fed with energy for who knows what purpose. Plus something is worrying Zack and keeping him awake at night leading to him falling asleep in class. Writer Kyle Hiigins does a great job of keeping all these plot threads moving without overwhelming the reader.


The artwork by Henry Prasetya is once again superb, he is equally adept at creating many varied environments be it the ruined city that the Rangers train in, the everyday setting of their high school or Rita’s palace on the moon which has a much more ominous look than it ever did on television. He also does a great job with the video effect look in the first few pages as we see the action through the lens of Bulk & Skull’s youtube show. Combined with the colours of Matt Herms this is a superb looking comic from start to finsh.

While it is always hard with an ensemble cast of characters to put everyone in the limelight hopefully future issues will give Billy and Trini more to do as they have largely been on the sidelines so far. Trini never got a huge amount of episodes focused on her on television so this the comic presents an ideal opportunity to develop her further.


Keep your eyes peeled for a little nod to the original Japanese series that Power Rangers is based on Zyuranger. This is an excellent touch and another reason fans will love this issue.

After the main story (which ends on a fantastic cliff hanger) we get another Bulk & Skull short (and Ernie makes a welcome appearance too), a gallery of all the variant covers for issue 1 (there are a lot) and then a six page preview of Joyride a new series from Boom.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Boom Studios is an American comic so UK residents check your specialist comic shop to purchase a copy.