The last issue of BOOM Studios ongoing Power Rangers comic ended on an amazing cliffhanger with Tommy alone in his bedroom confronted by Scorpina! The writers have a little fun with the reader though by not giving us an immediate resolution. Instead we open on a nice scene between Billy and Trini as they attempt to figure out what when wrong with the Dragonzord.


Tommy may have been having a bit of a crisis of confidence recently but he isn’t the only Ranger who worries about his place on the team. Billy might be supremely intelligent but he feels left out due to his looks and his lack of fighting ability. Amongst the evil space aliens and giant robot carnage it’s wonderful to see more emotional scenes like this and readers young and old will be able to relate to Billy’s issues. Thankfully Trini is there to reassure him and as stated in the previous review it’s good to see her getting a little more development as she always felt under used in her time on television. With the Dragonzord housed underwater the colours in these pages work very well, the interior cockpit being a mixture of dark blue and black. Not the cheeriest environment and it’s easy to see why it adds to Billy’s mood. Trini not only provides moral reassurance but a welcome dose of colour in her bright yellow jumper. Credit to the artist and colorist here for making her optimistic personality stand out amongst the gloom.


Trini boosts Billy’s morale

But what pray tell has happened to the Green Ranger after the arrival of his unexpected visitor? In a moment of quick thinking he gets them both out of his house so they can face off in a more secluded area. The artwork is again excellent and conveys the speed and skill on show as they fight.

The writer does a good job of flicking between characters as we see Jason giving a karate lesson to a group of kids. His Master asks about incorporating some of the moves she has seen Tommy display but Jason is hesitant. He can’t tell a civilian that his new friend was until recently under the mind control of an witch living on the moon! In a nice detail though Jason mentions he isn’t sure where Tommy is actually from showing that as a Ranger and a person he still remains a mystery to the five original Rangers.

Back to the action and Tommy continues his battle with Scorpina as he is joined by other members of the team but despite what you see on the cover there is no Zord vs giant monster action in this issue. This does work in it’s favor though as keeping the battle at ground level lends it a more dangerous and personal feeling.


Tommy ready to take on Scorpina

Another cliffhanger ending means fans will definitely want to pick up the next issue as soon as it hits the shelves.

After the main strip comes another two page Bulk & Skull short which continues their misadventures and captures perfectly how the characters behaved on television. Though there is a goof where Skull asks a question to himself which should be directed at Bulk. Hopefully the proof reading will eliminate any such issues in the next issue.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Boom Studios is an American comic so UK residents check your specialist comic shop to purchase a copy.


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