PR Issue 5

Variant cover by Greg Smallwood


Last month’s issue of Power Rangers ended on an incredible cliffhanger with the command center being attacked by a huge monster. If you were excited to see how this turned out then dial your expectations down several notches as this issue isn’t going to show you. Instead writer Kyle Higgins and guest artist Thony Silas present a story of how Rita tried to tempt Zack into joining her before she recruited Tommy.

If you are scratching your head after reading that opening paragraph then don’t be concerned as this whole issue seems like a bit of a bizarre experiment. Zack is not feeling his worth amongst the team as the praise of destroying another one of Rita’s monsters is heaped on Jason. Sensing his unhappiness Rita spirits him away to the Dark Dimension and tries to tempt him into joining her ranks as the Green Ranger.

Yes you read that correctly, in the new comic lore Rita tried to make Zack the Green Ranger before she discovered Tommy. This may sound like a bold idea in concept but in execution it all seems a bit daft (and not daft in a good way like most of Power Rangers is). Having to fit character development around pre-existng events from television is never easy but if Zack knew about the Green Ranger powers and never mentioned them on the series when Tommy first showed up it renders the plot point in this comic moot.

Things are not helped further by the guest artist whose suitably to the characters varies wildly from page to page. Silas renderings of the Dark Dimension, Rita and her gang and the Megazord battle is absolutely superb. His work on Rita should be praised highly for conveying her ominous presence with real menace. What lets proceedings down is his portrayal of the Rangers in costume giving them very bizarre physiques and weird angles to the helmets which prove to be very distracting.


Guest artist Thony Silas does a great job with Rita

This latest issue is an interesting experiment but when the drama is neutered by already knowing the outcome and with the art quality varying wildly it unfortunately proves to be a bit of a failure. It’s far from unreadable just nowhere near the quality of previous issues.

Each issue of Power Rangers has had many variant covers and showcased above is this months villain cover by Greg Smallwood. A frankly magnificent depiction of Lord Zedd without any text to distract from it. For your information Zedd has not yet appeared in the comic as the stories are taking place around the first television series.

So far the Power Rangers comic has been of an incredibly high standard and hopefully next month it can get back to those lofty heights.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by BOOM Studios is an American comic so residents of other countries check your specialist comic shop or go online to purchase


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