Two wonderful covers for readers to choose from



DC Comics Rebirth line continues this month with Supergirl. The famous publishers determination to take it’s most famous characters back to their more traditional depictions has been a success so far and with the Maid of Might they have scored another hit.

Towards the end of the New 52 era Supergirl found her powers to be in flux, randomly dropping out and often when she needed them most. We catch up with her as she joins the Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO); a government agency tasked with monitoring alien activity who will try and get her powers back permanently.

Readers who are familiar with the brilliant Supergirl television series will spot plenty of familiar faces here but the status quo is different enough to make the comic far from a retread of what’s happened on the small screen. The Danvers are present but no sign of Martian Manhunter (yet).

As Supergirl is sent away from Earth in an attempt to restore her powers an old threat from Krypton emerges. Supergirl and Superman will always be tied to the mistakes the people on their homeworld made before it’s destruction and some may even see another storyline of this ilk to be something of a worn out idea but this tale is told with such verve and good spirit it would take a real grump not to enjoy it.


A new menace appears from The Phantom Zone

Supergirl has long been portrayed as potentially the strongest of all the superheroes in the DC Universe (stronger even than her famous cousin) but in this story once her powers are restored and goes face to face with this new foe she wins through not because of how hard she can punch but through compassion. When she first arrived on Earth (in the New 52 era) she was reckless and prone to violence; this issue shows a pleasing evolution and that she has learned violence does not solve everything.


Supergirl is back and ready for action

By the end of the issue the reader is left with the perfect set up for future adventures which promise plenty of spectacle and drama. The artwork by Emanuela Lupacchino is really good; here’s hoping she sticks around for a good long run on this comic. Steve Orlando’s script is taut; a real page turner which perfectly balances emotion and action. This is a comic you will want to read more than once. Special mention to the two excellent covers readers can choose from; one by Lupacchino (with Michael Atiyeh) and another by Adam Hughes. Both are great and it will be hard to decide on one (your humble reviewer bought both).

Supergirl Rebirth by DC Comics is an American comic so residents of other countries check your specialist comic shop or go online to purchase



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