Variant cover by artist Christopher Mitten


After last months misfire regular readers of this site will be pleased to hear this month comic from BOOM Studios is back on track. After the delay tactics of the previous issue we finally get to see what happens to our heroes. The Command Center is in ruins, Alpha 5 is on the scrapheap and Zordon is nowhere to be seen.

To be frank what happens to them next isn’t good. The Rangers take a pounding from a new enemy who can seemingly strip their powers away. Peeling their costumes back with some sort of energy wave from its body all seems helpless. If this was an episode of the television series about now would be where someone leaps in to save the day. But writer Kyle Higgins isn’t letting you off that easily.


The Power Rangers never surrender

The writer and his artists really get across the intensity of the action and it can be shocking to see the Rangers in so much trouble. And action is the order of the day in this issue with a battle that rages over several pages. The aforementioned intensity means you won’t get bored though, in fact your first reading will be at a very fast pace as you eagerly turn the page to see what happens next.

Be sure to go back and re-read again several times though so you can fully appreciate the incredible artwork from returning series regular Hendry Prasetya.


The action scenes are incredibly well depicted

With another cliffhanger ending the next issue can’t come soon enough. The Power Rangers comic has it’s groove back and has taken it’s already outstanding quality up yet another notch.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by BOOM Studios is an American comic so residents of other countries check your specialist comic shop or go online to purchase

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