Continuing on from her triumphant return in Supergirl Rebirth the Last Daughter of Krypton debuts the first issue of her own ongoing series. This is a story of contrasts as writer Steve Orlando switches back and forth between life as Supergirl, life as her alter ego Kara Danvers and flashbacks to her childhood on Krypton.

This may sound potentially overwhelming but Orlando pulls it off with some deft switches of time and location meaning the reader never feels lost. Kara is trying to adjust to life on Earth but it’s not easy being a school student when the technology is archaic compared to what she is used to. Add into this a first meeting with media mogul Cat Grant (whose dialogue sounds just like it would be delivered by Calista Flockhart on television), the DEO trying to regulate her life and Supergirl has it pretty tough.


This issue sees a new artist on board, Brian Ching’s art style is certainly unique. He paints Supergirl in a wide eyed and clearly Manga influenced way. This gives her a doe eyed and innocent quality which is a bit too childish to get across the gravity of the storyline. No other character has this look which means it stands out for all the wrong reasons and can be a distraction from the drama. Emanuela Luppacchino set a very high standard in the Rebirth issue and Ching is going to have to up his game considerably to reach her levels of excellence.

A mixed bag of an issue then with a great story full of interesting characters which is hindered by an inconsistent and not entirely satisfying artistic style.

Supergirl by DC Comics is an American comic so residents of other countries check your specialist comic shop or go online to purchase

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